Psychotherapy for private and business clients


Psychotherapy, Coaching, Training & Consulting

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Psychotherapy for private and business clients


Psychotherapy, coaching, training and process consulting


• Cognitive and gestalt psychotherapy

• Individual and group psychotherapy

• Family- and couples therapy


• Supervision and workshops

• Relational therapy for partnerships

• Psychological leader, team and personal profiles


• Career and leadership mentoring

• Life, business and executive coaching

• Facilitation of teams and processes within organisational and strategic change


Since 1997 I have worked as a consultant. I have been coaching professionally since 1999 and practicing cognitive psychotherapy since 2002 and gestalt psychotherapy since 2005.


Concerning education I can mention MBA, Project management, Lean leadership, NLP, DiSC and the Enneagram. I am exam. gestalt psychotherapist from a fully EAP and EAGT accredited institute. In 2011 I was certified Master in family- and couples therapy. In addition to that I am trained at GATLA in Couples Therapy at Advanced level and in Psychotherapy at Advanced intensive level. Besides that, I have clinical work experience at TUBA, Lænken, Blue Cross, Red Cross and the social psychiatry. As a consultant I have worked for companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen. Over the years I have gained great experience in the areas of e.g. relations, teams, leadership, communication, co-operation, personal development, stress, crises, anomalies, couples, families, alcoholism and co-dependence.


• Practice: Copenhagen since 2002.

• Working language: Danish, English, French and German.

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